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2014 New York SmartCEO EMA Awards – CFO

New York SmartCEO and over 300 local business executives celebrated at the Executive Management Voltage Awards on April 30, 2014 at Capitale. The Executive Management Awards honor C-suite executives who have gone above and beyond to support and lead their organizations. SmartCEO recognizes executives in four categories: CFO, CIO/CTO, COO and CXO (other C-suite executives) who uphold the highest ethics, lead collaboratively and creatively, and enhance and support the organization’s mission. SmartCEO is proud to recognize the 2014 award winners: CFO Category: Anthony Donnarumma, 24 Seven Inc.; Kim Armor, Comcast Ventures; Alexander Frank, Fifth Street Management LLC; Michael P. Sabanos, Hub International Group Northeast, Inc.; Jeff Kip, IAC; Seth Rosenstein, MWW Group; Howard Katzenberg, OnDeck; Matthew Novick, PlaceIQ; Thomas J. Etergino, Refinery29 Inc.; John Ferrara, TheStreet, Inc.; Benjamin B. Friedman, TRAFFIQ; Ronald A. Collins, Update, Inc. CIO/CTO Category: Jonathan Hyman, Appboy, Inc.; Ken H. Rosenfeld, eHealth Technologies; Andrew Haines, Scivantage. COO Category: Karen Daniels, Charter School Business Management Inc.; Dhana Kumarasamy, Fulcrum Worldwide; Vic Drabicky, January Digital; Shom Chowdhury , juice press; Rich Durante, Kings Food Markets; Michael Dorin, Magnetic 3D; Dawn R. Patrick, Numerix LLC; Carlos Angelucci, Rapid Realty NYC; Ryan Kitzen, SPEAR Physical Therapy; Olga Khabinskay, WCH Service Bureau, Inc.; Jeffrey Wald, Work Market. CXO Category: Greg Munves, 1010data, Inc.; Andrew R. Blight, Ph.D., Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.; Barbara Dershowitz, AKAM Living Services, Inc.; Sabrina Dupré, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation; Claudia Perlich, Dstillery; Scott Wolf, Everyday Health; Maëlis C. Mittig, Francis Financial, Inc.; Christopher Halkyard, Gilt Groupe; Gerald Makowski, Halstead Property, LLC; Paul Blurton, inVNT; Noah Ross, Launchpad Advertising; Kevin W. Fleming, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship; James J. Jockle, Numerix LLC; Gary Occhiogrosso, TRUFOODS, LLC.