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Odel Stunkard The Business Spotlight Odels Keys to Breaking Through in Business


Patrick: Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I’m your host, Patrick Dougher. We have a fabulous show today. My guest today almost has more alphabet soup in his name than you could believe, but it’s a little bit more than that.
Odell Stunkard has created a number of businesses. He spent a great deal of time as a CAO, which is chief administrative officer, for a company that had more moving parts than the watch that you wear to moving through to being a CFO, and now as a CEO of over six businesses — one international. With that, I want to get right to Odell. Thanks for being on the show.
Odell: Hello, Patrick. Thanks for having me.
Patrick: I really want to get into your story because when we’ve talked in the past, you have shown me that you could keep track of more pieces in the puzzle than most of us would ever want to try to keep track of and administrate those and bring those together. We jokingly call it a high driver on steroids turned loose on a company. But that has given you gifts and talents to be that breakthrough person, that person that brings the hammer to the glass ceiling above other leaders and helps them break through. What’s your story?
Odell: A little more than we have time here for today, but the high points are that 15 years ago I didn’t do what I do now. Fifteen years ago I was following the usual climb the corporate ladder, “let’s work on that” life, but the further along I went the less they made sense. A turning point came where I was like, “If I’m going to do what I was created to do, then some changes are going to have to be made.”
So I moved into making a decision about what my life was going to be and then made myself align all of my actions and all of my subsequent decisions and everything I did to be in alignment with that target. As you go, you apply those same principles onto any business in any industry, you make a decision, and you do it. You keep doing it until you have another decision that you’ve made and then you switch to that and you keep going, always looking with the end in mind.
That’s been the story of my life. It’s always looking for what is the end and then let’s back up to where we are and let’s put everything in line to have that be in place. Just like in any part of any business, there’s a system. There’s a system to everything you do including how you breathe air. There’s a system to your life. There’s a system to your business. There’s a system to multiplying your business. There’s a system to multiplying how many businesses you can do and it’s just a question of putting the right pieces in the right place so that you can scale everything to what you want it to be. The real secret is scalability. It’s all through the foundational principles that you put in place and the decisions that you make in line with the belief that you have about where it is that you intend for this vehicle to go.